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Amazing Authors
Here are the Snow Huskies writing their stories in class:

Below are pictures of some published stories you can see outside our class:

Expected and Unexpected Behaviour
We have been looking at different behaviours at school and sorting them into the categories of expected and unexpected. Expected behaviours are the behaviours we should be showing, while unexpected behaviours are ones we should not be doing.

Example of expected behaviour in the Kantina:

Example of unexpected behaviour in the Kantina:

Example of expected behaviour in the playground:

Example of unexpected behaviour in the playground:

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In class we have been doing a lot of reading.  We have been reading books of our own choice and completing book reviews and discussing the books with our buddies.  Mr K has also been doing some reading assessments with us to see which level we are reading at.

We have been enjoying writing stories in class. Mr K bought us lanterns which means we can work on own writing using a light.  This helps us to focus on our work.  We love writing!!!

Visit from a Grade 4 student
One of Mr K's students from his Worldly Wizard's class (last year) came to visit us and show her writing folder.  It was great to ask her questions about her writing and to get some tips on using our writing folders and being a successful author.  Thanks Rae.

Expected and Unexpected Behavior
Today we had a lesson with both Mr K and Mrs Phillips.  We worked in groups to sort out pictures into different categories. We then talked about the difference between expected and unexpected behavior that we would see in the classroom.  We then sorted the pictures into the two new categories.  We will do more in class on this next week.

Weekly Blog with Sammy and Eva 

Here are some things that happened in our class this week:

This year we have music with Mr Smith. We have doing warm ups and practicing keeping the beat. We love music with Mr Smith.

Today we had our first ES assembly for the year. It was great to sing along with everyone and to see the Bearcat.

Math Practices 
In class we have been looking into the 8 math practices. We have been working out what they mean to us. We also brainstormed everything we know about being good mathematicians and then putting these things with the math practices we think they best go with.

Class Shirt 
In Art we have been working on the front and back designs for our class shirts with Mrs Van Gaalen.

This week we have been looking at what makes a good rubric and the different ways we can use rubrics.  We started by working with a partner to decide what it would look, sound and feel like for a Grade 3 footballer who is emerging, developing and proficient.  Then we came up with an agreed class rubric.  Our net step is to make rubrics about our dispositions.

Meeting an Olympian - by Eloise
We meet an Olympian and her name was Colleen. She was a world champion Rower. She is from Canada. Colleen is Mr.Miller’s sister and has two children. Meeting Colleen was awesome.

Making Monster Names - by Lily
We wrote our name in cursive on a folded a piece of paper. Then we copied it so it was like a mirror image. After that we used colored markers to create a monster, creature or alien using our names.  See some of our creations below:

Library Time - by Snow Huskies
Our class loves the new library.  We visit the library to borrow books each Tuesday afternoon.

Swimming - by Eloise
Our class has been having a great time at swimming with Coach Chapman in PE.  Check out some pictures of us having fun at PE.   

Some pics of our class work - by Lily
We have been working extra hard in the Snow Huskies.  We have been learning about what makes a good writer and a good Mathematician.  We have been writing exciting stories and working out problems using different strategies in Math.  Here are some photos of what we have been learning in class this week: